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Connecting LINE to imBee

Like many of the IM discussed before, the instructions to connect LINE to imBee is actually available as you go, and guided carefully at that, within the platform and within Add Channel already. imBee seeks to make this start as easy and seamless as possible.

1. Enter Display Name

2. Sign in/Create LINE Official Account

Using your LINE account credentials, sign in to the LINE Official Accounts Platform. Create a new Provider if you do not have one already!

3. Register LINE Developer Account

Follow this step by step guide from official LINE website to create a new Messaging Api Channel:
1. Create a new Provider if you do not have one already
2. Fill in the necessary information
3. Select "Create a Messaging API Channel"
4. Create a new LINE Messaging API channel

4. Issue Channel Secret

Open channel setting page and scroll down, Copy and paste the channel secret.

5. Issue Long-lived Token

Under Messaging settings, copy and paste access token here
Press Create to complete.

6. Enable Webhook 啟用 Webhook

Steps to Follow:
  1. 1.
    Under Messaging settings, enable Webhook
  2. 2.
    Copy the url below and paste it in Webhook URL