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Greeting Menu, Auto-Tag, Auto-Update Customer Profile and Auto-Routing

Please feel free to interact with our Chatbot:

Demo Greeting Menu

Start from Closed/ No Ticket Status, when receive incoming message, system will auto-reply and open ticket (create case)
How to Set WhatsApp Interactive Messages
Auto Assignment & Auto Tagging

Screencap of Bot Setting:

Why Open Ticket -> Clear All Tags For same Chat ID (Customer/ Conversation Thread), Tags of closed ticket will be brought forward to next opened ticket. Example:
Day 0:
Open Ticket -> Human Tag: Technical Support | Features Suggestion -> Closed Ticket Day 1:
Open Ticket -> Auto-Tag by System: Technical Support | Features Suggestions
  • Agents can manually untag in case of unnecessary
  • Or Clear All Tag in Chatbot Settings

Expected Outcome:

Sample JSON File:

Greeting Menu.json

Please refer to the guide of Bot Importing: